They still have competitors and need en route for keep the loyal customers that they have.

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6 social media contest ideas to increase followers

Abuse friendly and jovial language: This is an incredible moment for the brilliant idea. Instagram giveaways are a great approach to increase your follower growth. You can! Post a Picture or Selfie — Ask followers to post a picture relevant to your brand such as using or wearing a artefact along with a contest-specific hashtag.

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Step 2. What will you be giving away and how long will the contest run?

An Instagram giveaway done well means add likes, follows, and shares — add to, these contests can be a allocation of fun for you, too. All the rage less than 10 weeks, the ballet company nearly doubled its following on Instagram. They asked fans to do individual simple task; take a photo proving that you are a super addict. Facebook Post Announcement Especially if you ran your contest on Facebook, entrants will be checking your Facebook Bleep more than their email to accompany if they won. It can be simple like a new product you are testing or one of your lower end products.

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The big prize is a stand ahead paddle board along with Knockaround dark glass and prizes from all of the other brands that they are partnered with. Why would a brand so as to already has a huge following be doing an Instagram giveaway? All of these brands include a timeline accordingly that followers will know when en route for expect them to announce a brilliant idea. This can mean the world en route for your potential customers and show them that there is a person arrange the other side of your brand name. Be sure to say in your caption that there is a associate in your bio with more info! Once your winner has been certain, make a post congratulating them! The second time they received 56, after that


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