A few alterations and further modifications of the inventive features illustrated herein, and a few additional applications of the principles of the invention as illustrated herein, which would normally occur to one able in the relevant art and having possession of this disclosure, are en route for be considered within the scope of the invention claimed. An electronically implemented method comprising: acquiring automatically craps amusement data using electronic scanning means; transmitting via wired or wireless connection alleged acquired game data to a ceremony from said scanning means; utilizing alleged transmitted game data to generate a display output on said display as well as a clock recording each player's cylinder time, wherein said craps game fact includes historical and current craps amusement data associated with a current bet roller and wherein said clock is started automatically after acquiring a at the outset roll outcome for a player after that stopped automatically after acquiring a seven roll outcome for said player consequent to the first roll outcome.

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System and method of tracking and displaying outcomes of a live craps game

We are monitored and reviewed by the regulatory authorities in the jurisdictions anywhere we have gaming licences. In erstwhile words, the outcome of the cylinder of the dice is not anxious. Get that information down right abrupt while the session is fresh all the rage your mind and before your character gets a chance to conveniently disregard or inflate any session data. A craps system comprising: a display configured to display craps game data as well as a clock recording each player's cylinder time; means for automatically acquiring craps game data; transmission means for transmitting said acquired game data to alleged display for display, wherein said craps game data includes historical and contemporary craps game data associated with a current dice roller; and wherein alleged clock is started automatically after achievement of a first roll outcome designed for a player and stopped automatically afterwards acquisition of a seven roll conclusion for said player subsequent to the first roll outcome. During downtime, the displays may be used to acquaint with content stored on DVDs or servers, or content transmitted via satellite, chain or television signals. Once turned arrange or otherwise accessed, casino personnel can have the option, via the bill of fare key to select any number of display screens, such as those adjust forth in FIGS. The controller is ideally a hand-held wireless remote be in charge of device but the controller may additionally be in wired communication with the display.

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Can you repeat that? data do they collect? To be a sign of the end of the current shooter's roll, the displayed clock may blaze before being re-set to zero before until the next shooter's first cylinder of the dice. Using the scanned indicia from the bottom of the dice, a processor or similar apparatus determines the outcome of the bet roll. The display may be positioned in any number of locations, as well as attachment to the craps table FIG. Such an arrangement may consist of hanging the devices from an above your head support or attaching them to the craps table in a unobtrusive locality. For advanced display options, a laptop or similar electronic device may be integrated in the display.


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