Altogether bets must be placed on before before the end of the 90th minute. Moneyline bets are also accepted as win bets.

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Caprice matches are pairings of teams as of different matches. AF refers to the second named team usually the absent team scoring the first goal. The posted duration of an Event is for reference purposes only. Added all together, the implied probability would add en route for If a match is abandoned ahead of the first substitution has been made then all bets are void. All the rage that case the previous round would be considered as the winning about and the opponent is considered a match winner.

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The matches involving both teams must beginning on the same day, otherwise bets are considered void. Bet calculation is based on the result announced all the rage the ring including possible changes all the rage the earned point recorded in the final protocol. First Half Total Aim means betting determined by the absolute sum of the number of goals scored in the first half of a match. Last Substitution 2.

Betting Calculators

All-purpose 1. Such bets are calculated arrange the basis of which team bidding be the first to score the specified number of points, and but the required number of points has been reached by a team, a further deduction of points made as a result of the referees would not affect the initial result for the given arrange. If one or more matches should be postponed or abandoned then the bet is void. For European before decimal odds, a decimal number is used, e. Kick by a animal keeper after making a save does not count. Away Team Total means the total number of goals scored as a result of the home teams versus the absolute number of goals scored by the away teams for matches in a specific league played on a a few day. The favourite is usually agreed a negative number and the little guy a positive number.

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