The roles eventually went to Scott Caan and Casey Affleck. However, he got his way in the sequels.

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He thinks of himself as a believable old-timer, for he once shook Sinatra's hand. In addition to owning after that developing two of the same casinos as Wynn The Mirage and the Bellagio , Benedict also has an extensive art collection. Reuben Tishkoff[ alter ] A flamboyant business kingpin, Reuben is an old school business business person who gets muscled out of his Vegas hotel by Terry Benedict, which is the reason he finances the expensive casino-caper. Recruited as "drivers" all the rage the first movie, both are old in many other parts of the schemes. His newfound wealth after the heist results in him inhabiting a huge Florida mansion, dressing up along with a lot of bling. Benedict is loosely based on Steve Wynn. Although talented in his own right, Linus' family connections frequently became useful backing players when events did not become known according to plan, notably in Twelve when Linus' mother creates an avoid for the team in Italy, after that in Thirteen when Linus' father, Bobby Caldwell, helps him steal Willy Bank's "Five Diamond" awards.

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His lack of participation in Twelve is made up for by his chief role in the two casino-heists: at the outset as the inside man at the Bellagio, later as a game congregation in Bank's casino. In Twelve, Saul initially refuses to go along along with the pan-European caper, but ultimately shows up as a Swiss doctor all the rage the Lookie-loo con. He sets the team up by telling Terry Benedict of their whereabouts, and challenges the team to determine who is the best thief, promising to pay bad their debt to Benedict if he loses. He reappears in Benedict's advantage, attempting to foil Danny's heist of the diamond awards in The Array Hotel.


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