They support better communicating, demonstrating and critiquing, both synchronously and asynchronously. Slack is a communication platform that offers coincident messaging and information sharing.

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At the same time as an educational technology company, having a mentor program is a perfect able-bodied with our team of committed all-time learners. Find out if there is a free version of the apparatus you can use as an all-embracing instance to keep the data branch out from your client data. For case, an educator can post a ask or ask for assistance on a lesson or topic via a avenue. You can use it for SMS messaging as well as phone after that video calls.


You were chosen to be a adviser because you have demonstrated the aptitude to be an effective classroom coach, a great trainer of teachers, after that understand how to personalize learning designed for your mentees. You can use it for SMS messaging as well at the same time as phone and video calls. Flipgrid is a video discussion platform used as a result of millions of K and college students across the globe. The two a good number critical elements which need the a good number attention for a successful mentorship are time commitment and clear expectations. They may do so free of accusation if you explain to them why you need it.

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Mentoring and Technology: Jewish New Teacher Project


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