A good number of the big ships allow smoking in the casino; some, like Cavalcade, have smoke-free sections Norwegian Bliss is also the only Norwegian ship whose casino has a separate room designed for smokers. Most gather in the dining room getting a bite to eat from the buffet of fried noodles, rice, steamed vegetables, samosas, jelly, after that tiny cupcakes.

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Disappearing without a trace In the karaoke nightclub, the only patrons are two men that look to be all the rage their twenties. On a misty April night, a motley crew of passengers boards the Rex Fortune, a commuter cruise ship. Most common are drop in and blackjack. Our boat was anchored right nearby in the harbor. A good number large cruise ships, and even a few of the smaller ones Crystal's commuter Crystal Symphony and passenger Crystal Calmness, for example , will have an onboard casino.

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Abyss bosses do have the authority en route for buy a round for the agenda a couple of times a dark, so make friends with the abyss boss if you can. Always assessment your daily cruise schedule for the day's casino hours. They drink lots of tea, and a little alcohol, which costs extra. The cocktail waitress is bored behind the bar, staring at her phone, which lights ahead her face with a cold azure glow. They have asked the Hong Kong government to seize the boat, auction it off, and pay their wages. Most common are slot after that blackjack.


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