You simply complete the purchase using in a row you know off by heart after that then press a few buttons. The puggle is rare, multi-talented and has no natural enemies, which makes the people at PugglePay believe that it is the perfect ambassador for their service.

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What is PugglePay?

Neither casinos nor PugglePay themselves charge a few fees when you use PugglePay services. The payment will be confirmed along with the help of an SMS communication, which comes to the user ahead the transaction. Instead, you are assembly a promise to pay PugglePay, which in turn promises to make altogether payments to the sites it facility with. There is no need en route for go through complicated registration processes before to download a number of apps that might clog your device.

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Why did PugglePay think that there was a need for a new compensation method provider? You confirm your account using an SMS code. At the moment, PugglePay has more than 30, users and is available primarily all the rage Sweden and Finland. The purpose of the system is to give the customer the opportunity to make purchases by sending an SMS command although entering a special field of the electronic form requires the number of his own SIM card. There is no need to go through complex registration processes or to download a number of apps that might block your device. You receive an SMS invoice showing that your deposit has been made. If the invoice ash unpaid, the late fee gradually increases. PugglePay Secure online gambling payment approach which requires only a mobile buzz number to register To use PugglePay, you don't need a bank certificate reader, credit card number of complex registration process.


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