A Community of Teachers and Learners At the same time as teachers, we know that we abrasion the hats of both teacher after that learner. That way, when they hunt to touch base with someone afterwards, they knew just who to attempt to.

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Welcome to the Home of the Two Minute Teacher Tech Videos!

En route for give our new teachers a aggressive chance, we need to provide them with our very strongest resources. The mentor teacher is in no approach an evaluator. Those topics likely add in procedures and routines, objectives and assessments, lesson planning, best practices, parent coach conferences, homework and grading, reflection, after that other topics related to your area or type of educational institution. Beneath, you can see the actual call that I sent to our ability. There are simple and complex ideas that are all adding up en route for make this a pretty incredible area for our students! No more meeting around at the bar hoping a big cheese meanders up to you and strikes up a conversation. In the Aim In the end, what really matters is supporting teachers. For example, conceivably the new teacher would like en route for focus on questioning techniques.

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Denial more sitting around at the apart from hoping someone meanders up to you and strikes up a conversation. After that you did this? They can assemble before school and guzzle their auburn, during lunch or plan period, afterwards school, or they can sip a cappuccino at Starbucks on a Saturday morning. With the ring of a bell, the two minute countdown starts. To give our new teachers a fighting chance, we need to afford them with our very strongest resources. Observation The mentor teacher then collects data ONLY on that specific area during the lesson using a appearance or diagram. Your email address, after entered for commenting, will not be published on this page or old to contact you. I have my own little beaters and chasers after that oboe lessons!


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